Piers Anthony Review!

Fascinating story and I cannot wait to buy this for some sons!

The Mysterium

One of the things I did to promote my upcoming book was to send it out to a few authors in the field of fantasy. One of them was Piers Anthony.

Piers is a fantasy legend. His books introduced me to the genre when I was in high school. I devoured every series, like Xanth, Adept, Tarot, Incarnations of Immortality, and so many more. Simply put, he’s one of my fantasy heroes.

Not only did he respond to my manuscript, but he gave me a glowing review. And here it is for you to see as well.

A rather small sampling of Piers Anthony novels

The novel caught hold of me and I read it swiftly. Herewith my forthcoming review.

I read The Child of Chaos, by Glen Dahlgren, Book 1 of the Chronicles of Chaos. I have a special interest in Chaos, as the Demon of Chaos appears in…

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Eclectic witch learning since the mid to the late 1980s, in formal practice since 1993. I follow the belief that as a witch I hold myself accountable for what I do. There is no source outside myself to credit or blame for my actions. I alone am responsible for them. I try to cause as little harm as I may. It sounds simple over all, but encompasses so much more. I judge myself by my actions, inactions, and omissions. As I am human, I do make mistakes, but on my path, I am required to learn the intended lessons and not make the same mistake again. On my path, I must strive to improve, not just myself, but also all that surrounds me.
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